Policies & Procedures



To save a few dollars we can schedule a time for you to drop off repair equipment to our offices in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We also offer pick-up and drop-off services across the five boroughs at an additional charge of $25 each way (metered street parking included, tolls not included). Please inquire further for rates to Long Island, upstate New York and New Jersey.



Instead of charging customers for the total amount of repairs upfront, All City Sound only requires a deposit of $40 per turntable as a “bench fee” to open up your equipment and get started on the necessary work. This fee covers the cost of diagnostic (see below) and is not applied to the total cost of repair. While all forms of payment are accepted, we prefer to use a credit card for this transaction so we can instantly email you a receipt that also outlines the liability All City Sound assumes when taking possession of equipment. Should you decide to decline All City Sound’s repair services after equipment has traded hands and a diagnostic been performed, the deposit is forfeited.



Once in possession of your equipment, our repair technicians put every turntable through a rigorous, 40-point inspection to diagnose the most common issues with Technics Turntables. Should we find any additional issues besides those initially suspected, we will alert you to them and provide the corresponding repair prices in an updated quote. At that point you can make a more informed decision to approve or decline any additional or unexpected repairs. Most regular repairs are processed and ready for return within 7-10 business days.



Should you approve a repair and then decide not to move forward with fixing a piece of equipment during any point in the repair process, you are responsible for all parts and labor costs that have accrued up until the point of cancellation.

In the rare case that we diagnose an issue and the suggested repair does not fix your turntable, All City Sound will incur the cost of all parts and labor with customer still responsible for applicable diagnostic and transportation fees.



All City Sound will immediately notify customers and attempt to schedule a delivery or pick up of equipment upon completion of repairs. Should an item remain unclaimed or unpaid for a time greater than thirty (30) days from the date of repair completion then a ten percent (10%) “warehousing” fee will be added to the item’s total repair cost for every additional week of possession. This interest is not compounding and special exceptions can be made for customers on a case-by-case basis.